Z Pharmacy Software
We concentrate on building innovative, next generation pharmacy software, so you can concentrate on your business, your customers, and ultimately your profit.

Ever wished that all the components of your pharmacy software would work seamlessly together, assisting to produce an efficient, well managed store? A system that could keep pace with today’s ever evolving technology, allowing you to keep in touch with your customers? Welcome to Z Software.

If you are looking for an alternative to the same old systems which you have seen for the past 20-30 years, why not get in contact with us and enter the next generation in pharmacy software.

Zero lock in contracts. Zero hidden fees. Zero outrageous hardware upgrade demands. You will be impressed with Z's simple and affordable pricing.

Z Software

Z Dispense

This dispensing system is feature rich and built for efficiency and ease of use. The dispense workflow is even adaptable to best suit your pharmacists' needs. The system formerly known as DispenseIT is now partnered with an equally impressive fully integrated POS system.

Z Software


This fully customisable POS system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your store and staff. Sell the way you want to sell. Don't be limited and forced to change your best business practices to suit old, rigid POS systems any longer.

Z Software

Z Office

Z Office is designed with the ultimate goal of increasing your profits. It allows you to manage your store and customers with ease. The ability to analyse your store's data, from stock lines to customers is arguably unparalleled. With a 'Next Gen' reporting engine you can create your own reports and even create your own reporting columns. Discover where profits can be made.